Morgan Le Fay's Tapas Bar & Lounge




After 6 wonderful year, sadly, I have to close Morgan Le Fay's. 

Thank you for your patronage,
especially during such difficult economic times. 
I have enjoyed serving the community
and in return you made my house, your house,
the highest compliment to any bar/restaurant owner.

To all of you who went from stranger, to "regular", to friend; 
I am blessed for the time I have spent with you and the joy
of celebrating your job promotions, first dates, engagements,
birthdays, weddings and the arrival of new babies. 

We have grieved together over the loss of our loved ones.
Able, Natalie, Perry, Sharon's dad, Sue's sister,
and "the last John Wayne", my hero
my dad, Big Don Finkenkeller.
You will be in our hearts forever.

Over the 6 years I have had some amazing and talented staff,
who I will never be able to thank for their hard work and loyality.
Unfortunately, we had a few we all would like to forget;
to any of you who never returned because of them, my apologies.
I would never have even opened the doors without
the love, support and incredible hard work of my family:
My mom, "The Queen", Karen,
my brothers: DJ aka Dallas and Mark aka Crash and
of course my Pop, who always was there to let me in after
I locked myself out during the construction.

To the many friends who helped to build, add on, help find staff, and just being my friend (not an easy task) Thank you: Kurt, Unit, Jonathan, Stacy, Wookie,
Carmelo, Pat, Rick, Laura (JFBNE), Steve, and the rest of you......

Finaly a thank you to , George Marcher,
my landlord with Solon Gershman.
I have never worked with a property manger who is such
a fair, honest, just plain good man. 


As many of you know I am active in a dog rescue shelter
located in Farmington Missouri.  
Love A Dog Rescue & Sanctuary is still in need of
donations, bedding, or physical help. If you are interested in
helping in anyway, send me an email at: - please put LAD in subject line.
or you can mail checks directly to Anna at the shelter.
Make Checks payable to: Love A Dog Rescue
2611 Hwy OO
Farmington, MO 63640

If any of you would like to be included in the monthly
catch up, drop me an email, I will add you to the list.
Once a month we will set a place to meet up, catch up and
drink up. I look forward to staying in touch.

Again, I thank all of you for your support and friendship
it truly has been an amazing ride!

Lisa Keller



14314 South Outer Forty • Town & Country • Missouri • 63141 • p.314-317-9181

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